Sharp Looks Salon

Apprenticeship Program “You have to want it…”

In the beginning . . .

Bernadette Bencsko opened Sharp Looks in 1992. At this address they occupied a 900-square-foot unit in a downtown shopping center.  Bernadette had two primary goals in mind. The first was to provide high-quality beauty service to the immediate and surrounding areas. The second goal was to provide a place of employment where only the highest quality team members were groomed and trained her way - the proper way.

Although knowing this concept would require a little more time to build the business, she was thinking of the long-term advantages. Her new theory paid off, to say the least, and due to the salon's commitment to hire only the highest quality team members, Sharp Looks reputation spread immediately for quality work and excellent customer service.

The team is the core of who Sharp Looks is, and what we represent. At Sharp Looks we derive success from teamwork and synergy: Individual and team growth are stimulated by the idea that the whole team working together can accomplish much more than individuals working alone. The concept of Sharp Looks has three main goals:

1) To exceed our guests' expectations by "Making Their Day.” Everyone at Sharp Looks makes our guests' day by replenishing them and providing them relaxation, pampering and beauty that they could not otherwise obtain on their own.

2) To promote our guests skin and hair health through consultation, application and products combined with our expertise.

3) To create a work environment that offers stability, excitement, cohesiveness, superior education, opportunities for ongoing growth, recognition, and rewards, all with the feel of a small intimate salon.


Together we have the responsibility to overcome the hurdles that have been laid before us by others in our industry, that being the perception of the beauty industry and it's team members.

We must do all that is possible to change that image and create a new one. That new image being one that offers our guests:

True professionalism

Legendary customer service

Technical ability that not only enhances our guests appearance, but also improves their skin and hair health at the same time

Ethical evaluation and recommendations for both our services and our products.

Our guests feel their stress begin to melt away as they experience the unique care that is Sharp Looks.

"If I am personally touching lives and making a difference in my world, then when you walk in my door you will experience the technical expertise, contemporary style, and complete restoration of your mind, body, and spirit."

Apprenticeship Program: Sharp Looks believes that the success someone obtains must be planted early which is why we prefer only to hire someone fresh out of cosmetology school who is eager and ready to learn our concepts.  Our training program provides a foundation for a well rounded career with continuing educations . Sharp Looks team members learn and exercise their talents and our guests benefit from the results. 

Legendary Guest Care: Sharp Looks is built on service. This service starts with answering the phone and greeting clients. We then provide clients with the best service possible. 

Teamwork & Synergy: A team of professionals that benefit each other to help everyone reach their fullest potential with a base salary plus commissions up to 50%.

Growth Opportunities : As Sharp Looks continues to grow and expand, we provide unlimited opportunities for advancement in salon education and artistic direction. 

We have both full and part-time positions available. If a position interests you, email your resume to sharplooksinc@gmail.com or stop in and fill out an application.