Welcome to Sharp Looks!

"Making Your Day."



                                                                    That's what we do


Our vision at Sharp Looks is to enhance the quality of your life by "Making Your Day."  

People say “this was really nice” when they leave the salon.

Feel your stress begin to melt away as you experience the unique care that is Sharp Looks. Our gifted staff, under the direction of founder Bernadette Bencsko, is dedicated to exceeding your expectations!

"When you walk in my door you experience improvements, quality...my style, my approach all combine to bring out your best appearance. 

"Sharp Looks is not typical.  People say 'this was really nice' when they leave the salon.  We have a general concern about their well being." 

Sharp Looks is a full service salon offering the latest designs, spa treatments, and the finest in organically-infused health and beauty products.

Bernadette Bencsko and Sharp Looks has long been recognized as an exceptional provider of salon and spa services.


We invite you to experience the technical expertise, contemporary style, and complete restoration of your mind, body, and spirit at Sharp Looks.